RVS Eyewear

The greatest gift we can give the next generation is a healthy planet.

Vidal Erkohen has been the designer and leading force behind RVS Eyewear brand since 2007. Vidal founded RVS with the goal of bringing back the quality and originality that was put into eyewear of the past.  Along with RVS Eyewear, Vidal has spearheaded multiple projects for both start-ups and established eyewear brands while offering his expertise and consulting services both in production and design in Japan, Italy, France and Turkey.

Vidal is an avid collector of vintage frames and has an unprecedented knowledge of eyewear history and design being called upon by the London Eyewear Museum and featured in eyewear history books such as “Cult Eyewear.” RVS Eyewear is currently sold in over 300 locations worldwide.