Tomas Sanchez

Tomás Sánchez, born in Cuba in 1948, invents richly spiritual images of nature in his art. His paintings, on one level, conjure metaphors of a paradise long-lost to humanity, while on another level are abstracted stories of the Cuban landscape, dreams inaccessible even to memory. Sánchez’s work openly invites audiences to contemplate their own existence on Earth. His paintings of imagined space jarringly alternate between a paradise in which the viewer may serenely reflect upon nature and an unforgiving indictment of man’s crime against the environment. His works are a much needed time capsule for future generations. One French critic wrote at the time of the artist’s show in Paris that Sánchez’ work is “a mixture of extreme precision and meditation, of yearning and radiance.” When Sánchez was 20 he attended the National School of Art in Havana where he met the expressionist painter Antonia Eiriz who was a pivotal influence on his development. He says, “she was interested not in how you painted something but in how you saw it.” One might conclude from that statement that while the ostensible subject of Sánchez’ evocative and meticulously painted landscapes is nature, his paintings are in fact expressions of how he views the landscape and in so being they act as states of thought, becoming a kind of contained time frame of meditative thinking, transmuting mental quietude and reverence for nature. Among the most important recognitions of his career are the National Prize for Painting at Havana’s First Biennial (1984), the Fifth American Graphic Arts Biennial in Cali, Columbia (1986) and an honorable mention at the First International Painting Biennialin Cuenca, Ecuador (1987). He has participated in individual and collective expositions in over 30 countries, including Mexico, the United States, Japan, Italy and France. Among his most significant individual exhibitions are: Tomás Sánchez: A Retrospective at the National Museum of Fine Art (Havana, Cuba, 1985); Tomás Sánchez: Different Worldsat the Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art (Florida, USA, 1996); and a 60th anniversary celebration, Tomás Sánchez: A Retrospective at the Museum of Contemporary Art (Monterrey, Mexico, 2008).

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