Andrea Bowers and Tomás Sánchez (Perez Museum / Miami, 2017)

Featuring a special commission neon entitled Climate Change is Real by Andrea Bowers and a lush landscape painting titled Descubridor de lagunas by Tomás Sánchez, this exhibition at the Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) marked One, All, Every’s premiere art and environment initiative. The collaboration between OAE, PAMM, and the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (LDF) kicked off Miami Art Week in 2017 and included a month-long exhibition at the PAMM and a series of sustainability talks and symposia in collaboration with Design Miami and LDF. Addressing the everyday climate challenges negotiated by Miami natives and visitors alike, the project drew attention to the global relevancy of climate change. This collaboration recognized the importance of creativity and artistic production and harnessed the power of visual culture to engage and inspire viewers to take meaningful actions to protect our shared planet. The work of Bowers is now included in the permanent collection of the Perez Museum.