ONE, ALL, EVERY is an art and environment initiative born out of the belief that art can and will move mountains.

Our goal is to see environmentalism as a second nature, not a political position. Everyone, regardless of their beliefs and convictions, breathes the same air and must come together to protect our planet. The One All Every team reaches out to a wide range of artists—be it visual artists, musicians, designers, poets, chefs, and so forth—collaborating with them to produce, exhibit, and sell artwork at various venues and on the One All Every e-commerce platform. Participating artists are first asked to question the sustainability of their materials and working methods, thereby encouraging change and innovation in their own practice. Next they are asked to address an environmental issue such as endangered species, oceans, carbon emissions and so forth which we will pair with a scientist, philanthropist, and/or NGO. The results always consist of evocative works of art—unique or editioned—that tell different stories both in form and in content. Viewers or participants walk away with at least an encouragement to change—sometimes consciously, sometimes subconsciously.

One All Every evolved as a remedy to the epidemical dependence on benefit auctions, which entirely miss the power of art in fundraising. Rather than exploiting artists for pure dollars, One All Every, a for-profit company, engages artists in the mission of its philanthropic partners. Together, One All Every and artists can creatively problem solve and visually communicate the message of the environmental organizations they choose to support. Artists get paid for their work, and an equally proportional donation is made to that project’s partner. Any profits earned by One All Every roll into the production of the next project. Furthermore, One All Every works with each philanthropy to communicate with and cultivate potential donors and the general public through a primary exhibition moment, ancillary events and its e-commerce platform.

One All Every’s manifestations aim for the highest degree of public visibility throughout their physical durations and beyond. They are meant to resonate in perpetuity through visual dissemination, education, and archival documentation.